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The error window appears and system hangs. Recommended: Click here for instant PC assistance for SBDRVDET related errors. Be carefull with this file WC This program frequently froze my operating system. To reduce system overload, you can use the Microsoft System Configuration Utility to manually find and disable processes that launch upon start-up.

Budreaux Time by time it uses nearly 100% of my CPU. not sure if it causes problems but takes up the entirety of my cpu capacity davegb10 it's annoying Not normally dangerous, but sometimes can have a bad memory leak Matt This However, it is important to note that various malware programs use processes that have similar names as genuine processes. Toad` creative soundcard file wily If you disable cthelper.exe, you will almost certainly end up with problems in Windows sound hardware configuration; only do so if it causing problems while running http://www.file.net/process/sbdrvdet.exe.html

Mediarocker - IT Administrator without cthelper my audigy samples only up to 6000 Hz, it is important for correkt soundcardworking holg when you disable this if you have an emu soundcard shut down in Admin tools in cpanel. Also, after you have successfully removed the malware, run a registry scan using a reliable registry cleaner such as RegServe to sanitize your registry. It's purpose is to aid 3rd party developers create plugins/software for the card.

in games such as ut2004 good surround is vital, but if this only affects dvd audio such as the thx could it be disabled for gamers rigs? One of the very first uses of this interface was for InterVideo's WinDVD in the shape of a fix called "WinDVDPatch" and, at the time of our original write-up, 12-Jan-2003, there For instance, there is a malware process called nwize.exe (please note the extra “e”) that is associated with the bat.mumu.a worm. Andy Jones Popup blocked (http://a.tribalfusion.com - eBay - Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Comcast) It helps with Sound Related Problems.

If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! It is advised that you disable this program so that it does not take up necessary resources. A unique security risk rating indicates the likelihood of the process being potential spyware, malware or a Trojan. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/startups/sbdrvdet.exe-10070.html part of drivers for creative soundblaster There is spyware out there using this filename Jeff Hughes Mine crashes during startup (illegal memory access) Andre Sometimes hangs my system on startup (Approx

Damage to your computer's registry could be compromising your PC's performance and causing system slow-downs and crashes. If you require further assistance for this file, feel free to ask about in the forums. An example would be "svchost.exe" - which doesn't appear in either under normal conditions but does via CTRL+ALT+DEL. Not all users will find that it takes a lot of CPU usage, This should be enabled for the best performance in any of your Creative products (mainly Sound Blaster).

This was about 3 weeks ago. http://www.processlibrary.com/en/directory/files/sbdrvdet/21111/ How much is 3+5: Like this page? My system W98-SE will often not shut down until I use the three fingered salute and kill this process John Cookson mine runs from system32 dir if it crashes it uses Search to see if its in a windows system folder.

Use 1% of cpu P Yes it is part of Creative Snd Blaster; should only take up 0-1%of CPU usage(otherwise u have other issues); not essential unless u' use 5.1+ sound See also: Link HitMeWithIt its nothin, its the soundcard. Couldn't use my machine. However, nwiz.exe is not an essential startup process.

Score UserComments sound card driver detector dave_sada Teil der Creative Labs Audigy Soundkarte Nico should be left on for normal functioning of a soundblaster sound card Be sure to check the Registry as well for remnants of SBDrvDet.exe. Disable on the Startups tab. The Nwiz.exe process belongs to Nvidia graphics card drivers and is not a security threat.

I have it blocked from internet but leave it running in processes. This allows you to repair the operating system without losing data. Deviros creative driver, absolutely harmless if its the one from the creative drivers.

The program has a visible window.

Bjoern takes up 99 percent of cpu Scott dont even dream about running this with hl2 I go to processes and click on it and click 'end process' and i click Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware Process name: CtHelper Application Product: CtHelper ApplicationCompany: Creative Technology Ltd File: cthelper.exe Security Rating: cthelper.exe provides an interface between third party programs and the drivers CTHelper.exe Recommendation : Given its purpose CTHELPER would normally be classified as a "leave alone" background task. sbdrvdet.exe is a safe process Can I stop or remove sbdrvdet.exe?

Check for memory leaks, you will hear popping in the audio before as this happens. Nothing can speed up a slow PC as well as TUT can. Spyware. Use the resmon command to identify the processes that are causing your problem.

But as far as i know (wich is probably not very far), nobody ever used this stuff. Uncle fox Software installed by the Creative soundcard driver It is part of Creative files for the Audigy series of soundcards. It can quickly scan your computers and has over 250 default reports available. An obsolete or defective version of SBDrvDet.exe can cause problems for your computer that can range from slowness to error messages such as these: SBDrvDet.exe has stopped working.

It's purpose is to aid 3rd party developers create plugins/software for the card. Recommendation sbdrvdet.exe is not a critical component. This SBDrvDet.exe process is recognizable as a window and also on the taskbar. Agano It interfered with other software on my system - ie it caused After Effects to shut down and may have been interfering with Avid Xpress Phil was sending packets for

For this reason, one user has already deleted SBDrvDet.exe. Why?! D.R. Kyle I find most times this program is consuming my computer is in an idle state but since I usesoundblaster for its firewire input for my audio interface I am worried

Normally this file allows for the third party effects and sound distribution over the creative labs soundblaster 24 bit sound systems. The following information is a brief description of what is known about this file. mine never seems to use any cpu whatsoever. Process name: Creative SoundBlaster Driver Component Application using this process: Creative SoundBlaster Recommended: Scan your system for invalid registry entries.

Non-system processes like sbdrvdet.exe originate from software you installed on your system. Privacy and Cookies Policy | Terms of Use Change language: English ---------------- Deutsch Español Français Italiano 日本語 http://SearchTasks.AnswersThatWork.com Process list of background Tasks and Windows Services Home | A | B I've got a worm (c:\windows\system32\agbqfp.exe) and can't delete it, because it is used by CTHELPER.EXE. If you see this file on your hard drive or in Windows Task Manager, please make sure that it is not a malicious variant.

Meaning 5.1 surround sound won't work with out it, but you don't need it otherwise. See also: Link LinuxPusher I know it monitors when you plug in headphones. See also: Link Michiel NL Eating up between 70%-99% of my cpu, but i never noticed it before now after I was playing around with the sound settings.