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Constant Type Description HTTP_BODY_TRUNCATED 0 integer Truncation point in bytes Caveats This events will be triggered in every script in the prim, not just in the requesting script. In addition to those two conditions, there's some others:-It can mean that you're sending requests too quickly - from memory you have a limit of 100 http-requests per 100 seconds, but Q: My shoutcast/shx/board is not working! Sometimes customers will report a lot of 499s from a single sim, in that case, ask them to have the sim restarted.

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Lsl Json

The exact message is: "Second Life can't establish a connection to the login server." The grid selector shows: the lost continent of hippo. I can't send IM's. ad blocking in a browser or as with SL Block due to no ad's can be displayed.As for other "free" shoutcast servers I am not really aware of any that will

Another thing those objects are used for almost a year now without problem and never been modified and updated by the timeline. Info: Will show specific product information. Sign In Register Community Guidelines Second Life WhatIsSecondLife? I have opened the grids.user.xml.

This code isn't generated by the remote web server but by SL's servers (see Simulator_IP_Addresses), it can indicate: Request timeout (60 seconds) SSL failure A space was present in the url Http_request World of Tanks .... It is strongly suggested to join the update notify group (no actual SL group needed) by touching one of the subscribe-o-matic stands in our shop, so you stay informed about updates https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Scripting/Connection-Error-499-Dj-ing/td-p/348980 You should then see the "login to grid..." option on the bottom right of the login screen Show Whirly Fizzle added a comment - 11/Sep/11, 12:25 PM +0200 Ahhh!

A2: In the case it really does not do anything, check the following: Are you looking at the frontside of the receiver? Because when you deed an object, the group will become the owner. www.eslgaming.com ESL News Opinions, photos, interviews. I logged on my dashboard on http://www.secondlife.com2.


How should I tell my employer? http://comphelp.org/guide/second-life-error-499/ I cannot use localhost for that, I need to be able to configure the viewer. Lsl Json Close Second Life and start it again. Http Response Codes Request Headers Headers sent by the simulator in the course of calling llHTTPRequest.

This is not the same problem as the HTTP 500 errors reported in other entries. State the product name, version. It is impossible to answer these kind of remarks. share|improve this answer edited Oct 18 at 12:48 Khris 804517 answered Oct 18 at 10:18 rajeev kumar 11 add a comment| protected by Community♦ Nov 28 at 17:10 Thank you for

Firestorm launches, but then complains that it cannot connect. Be assured, it is tested and works in every possible situation.   Q: Why are song names not displaying on the board? Most likely you have made a typo when entering the stream url, or the selected radio station is not broadcasting on the specified url anymore. A2: If you confused a region with a parcel and thought you needed to rez the region relays, please do not.

Word for nemesis that does not refer to a person In what sense is GCD an extension of boolean OR? As you told, same php settings under apache is ok. If so, drag the scripts back into the receiver (not the cards, because they are copy and you will end up having duplicates inside the receiver)  (and yes, do not laugh

text/*, application/xhtml+xml, application/atom+xml, application/json, application/xml, application/llsd+xml, application/x-javascript, application/javascript, application/x-www-form-urlencoded, application/rss+xml Accept-Encoding Acceptable content encodings for the server.

The exact message is: "Second Life can't establish a connection to the login server." The grid selector shows: the lost continent of hippo. Browse other questions tagged php http nginx amazon-web-services or ask your own question. When it was made clear that Firestorm did not support OpenSim I understood this. When it was made clear that Firestorm did not support OpenSim I understood this.

Show Lawrence Pierce added a comment - 11/Sep/11, 07:32 PM +0200 Yes, I had already turned on access to other grids. If there are more results returned, the search engine will continue to search for you. If not, the program is unable to determine what song is currently is playing and will not send an update to the server. I've been able to replicate the problem with a fresh micro AWS instance of NginX using PHP 5.4.11.

If for some reason you clicked away the menu, it timed out (it has a timer to stop functioning for anti-lag reasons) or you pressed [Back], do not worry. Show Lawrence Pierce added a comment - 11/Sep/11, 09:12 AM +0200 I should qualify "fails to launch". ESL is a brand of Turtle Entertainment GmbH. © 2016 Cookies help us in providing our services. This page has been accessed 97,559 times.

Is this something to do with SL itself or problem between SL and Outside Server? Thank you LL for making all this confusion with so many name conventions :P   Q: How do I add DJs?